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justtodolist in the wild is another side project of mine. I have now released it to the public. Go take a look, tell your firends, and I hope it becomes useful to... more
Posted by Toby on Oct 10, 08
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The Best Way to Watch the Olympics

Okay, here's the best way to watch the Beijing Olympics(in the US):On a Mac-mini that's hooked up to a 50" DLP Samsung TV or larger...Go to and click on "TV & Online... more
Posted by Toby on Aug 12, 08
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The Music Chair Podcast

I am proud to announce the first episode of my podcast: The Music Chair. I am now a podcaster! I have done two interviews so far. But, one of them is till not out due to technical issues. I am... more
Posted by Toby on May 31, 08
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OSSpinions Major Update has undergone a major update. I've been working very hard on this, but there's still a lot of work left to be done. Interested parties please take a look and give me some... more
Posted by Toby on Feb 24, 08
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Google Spreadsheet Forms

Google Spreadsheet Forms is superly awesome! Try it out and add it to your repitoire if you... more
Posted by Toby on Feb 10, 08
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The Secret to Raising Smart Kids

Posted by Toby on Nov 29, 07
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Amazon Kindle

Amazon's Kindle actually looks pretty impressive(watch the 2nd video on the page). What impressed me most is that the store connects to the internet via satellite(not wi-fi) for free! Yes! Free! You... more
Posted by Toby on Nov 20, 07
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My Laptop Bag

My DIY laptop case! The idea is courtesy of Make... more
Posted by Toby on Oct 24, 07
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Barcamp Pictures

Cool! Found some barcamp pictures on Nick Ali's blog. The flickr group is here. I actually got in a few of the... more
Posted by Toby on Oct 18, 07
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Barcamp Atlanta 07

I was lucky to attend the first(I believe so?) barcamp in Atlanta. What is a barcamp? It is essentially a geek-fest. Geeks come together to have an ah-hoc conference on any topic that they want. At... more
Posted by Toby on Oct 15, 07
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food for high cholesterol

here is something interesting to read in order to lower cholesterol naturally. more
Posted by Toby on Oct 06, 07
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Amazon online music store

I tried out the Amazon online music store the other day. Ironically, I used it to buy the new Feist album which I learned about from apple's new ipod nano commercial(Ha, sorry Apple, whom I am a... more
Posted by Toby on Oct 04, 07
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